Power Up was born in October of 1994 in a small warehouse on a side road of Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City. It was set up by a couple of then young UP Mountaineers, passionate about rock climbing and wanting to grow and improve in the sport without the irregularities of weather and location travel time posed by climbing in the outdoors. Little did they know that Power Up was to play a major role in the history of rock climbing in the Philippines

History of Rock Climbing in the Phils ( lift from SCAPI web page?)

    The soul of Power Up

    Power Up has 3 goals

  1. To uplift the level of the Filipino climber
  2. To broaden the exosure of climbing as a recreational and fitness activity among Filipinos
  3. To exist and operate as a profitable business

    We nurtured the National Sport Climbing Team in its early years, researching on training methods, traveling and talking to off shore coaches, and geekishly testing programs (link to TRAINING ) found in magazines, books and the internet.

    Barkadas (link to Promos) look to Power Up as a place to meet up, hang out and gel. Birthday Parties are a common sight at the gym :)

    We have helped diabetics keep blood sugar down and physique conscious individuals gain their ideal body type through weight loss programs ( link to PROGRAMS ).

    We have helped schools build walls for their climbing programs, and if not, provide climbing for their students off campus to support their PE activities ( link to FA services, schools class pics in Power Up ).

    We have sought the exposure of the city folk to the beauty of the outdoors, taking them out climbing to Montalban, Quezon and other areas with limestone crags. For what can compare with the Rock that only God can create? (link to outdoor pics)

    Many say that Power Up has been big business all these years. We wish it has, but we're happy that it's been the way it is today. Climbing in the Philippines will never have been the same without it.

written by Joey Cuerdo, Climbing Gym Designer