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be O.N.E. at Power Up

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Get into a tried and tested cross training strength program for your team and achieve peak performance in 2009!

Greetings from the walls of Power Up J

Tired of the same routine? Rock Climbing is a proven way to release stress and rejuvenate the mind. While on the wall, the climber has no option but to release all other cares and focus on the task at hand. The result… clarity of thought and a more focused individual.

Stick to the calorie burn during off season, go for active rest! . Excessive weight gain during off season results in longer and slower break-in. Fact: A 25 year old 5’7” male weighing 155lbs will burn 598 calories in a 1-hour work out. Climbing workouts rank highest in calorie burn, aside from the conditioning you get from lifting only your body weight. No excessive muscle bulk ups here!

If your body has been constantly challenged , then challenge your mind for a change.

Before taking the overhanging walls at Power Up, climbers plan their way up the wall, visualizing the trickiest portions. “ Which hand goes where? And my foot goes where?” Climbers will discuss, not because they are asked to, but because they need their “beta” or information on how to get through the cruxes of the route. Seldom will you see a gung-ho climber, they normally don’t last. Don’t get us wrong though, working your sequence up the wall at 45 degrees will definitely challenge you !

We would like to invite you and your sport buddies or team mates to register as a group and go for Power Up’s One Night program. We would like to offer you 1 night of the week where your group can get together outside of your regular workouts. This can be once or twice a month, or as many times as you want, the session lasting around 2-3 hours.

With the traits of the sport where supporting each other is a necessity, your team will emerge solid, united and ready to take on any challenge!


Flat Rate of P2,000 per session for an unlimited number of your team registering on that session, OR 50% off from the published climbing rate (of P150 per individual) for a minimum of 25 people.

Ø Someone from your group, or your team leader should be present to identify which walk-ins are with your group

Ø climbing gear not included in cost

Ø harness rental : P30 (compulsory)

Ø shoe rental : P40 (optional)

To Make it Work:

  1. Endorsement of the Power Up Be ONE through egroups. ( Circulation of this email )
  1. Circulation of memos of the existing tie up
  1. Encouragement of the formation of a climbing team. Power Up will organize an inter sport group climbing competition in the near future and would like to see your team doing your team proud!

Your endorsement of artificial rock climbing at Power Up will definitely produce positive results for your team! Call us today to book your desired schedule.

QC: Ann Presores 9327273. 690 T Sora Ave, Old Balara, QC

Pasig: Mackie 4747535. Silver City Mall, Frontera Verde Drive cor Julio Vargas, Pasig City

We hope for you to experience the vertical workout soon!